Issa Con!!!….. Or is it?

.this couldn’t have come at a better time…every potential land owner needs to know this.

The Land Administrator


There are a myriad of real estate companies coming up as well as a crop of brokers and agents, with very few of them being adept on matters real estate. In the recent past we have seen hundreds of investors swindled out of their hard earned money by unscrupulous individuals all in the name of land/property acquisition.  Thus, it wouldn’t hurt for you as an individual to arm yourself with tid bits of knowledge on how to go about purchase of land/property from either an individual or a company.

The first and most focal point of pain is verification of the title certificate,be it a title deed or lease title (due diligence). Ask for a copy of the title deed/Lease title and make sure it is a copy of the same original title. Then proceed to do a search at the relevant registry at the ministry of lands, depending on…

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