.its a long road to get there


Lady if you have a ring on your finger,I suggest you relax,don’t stress yourself I will tell you why later. Well,it all started very innocently. I boarded a bus to go home in the evening, and as we were waiting for it to get full,I saw this guy from the window. I hoped he would come board the same bus. I said a silent prayer to the heavens. Ohhh,it must have been my lucky day,or the heavens were in favour of me for how “good” I had become. He came in.


As I looked up,there was a visible smile on my lips πŸ™‚ . As he quickly scanned the bus to identify a sitting spot,I said another quick prayer,”God,the sit next to me is empty,please lead his feet here…” Ohhhh another miracle my way.And people say prayers are not answered. As I pretended to text,”excuse me ma’am, this sit taken?” In Kenya? Ma’am? Who does that? As I looked up,he was there,in all his splendid and charm (is it right to say that? πŸ™‚ ). I quickly said no before he changed his mind and sat elsewhere.


“Headed home?” He asked. Smooth,he initiated talk. We did chat on our way about weather,shoes oh,wait women talk shoes to other women :-p . well we talked and it he was alighting after i had. He offered to walk me home but I said I was fine hoping he would insist haha. He didn’t,but oh well, he took my number and would call to find out if I got home safe. He actually did afew minutes later and to inform me he was home too.


A few days of chatting and calling,turned to occasional meet ups to say hi. Then ice cream dates,tea dates,dinner dates. It was lovely,what a gentleman. I was loving the attention. Until it was not there.


“When conversation is getting shorter with you,it probably is getting longer with someone else”



Well,at some point,he started cancelling on dates. With excusable reasons,is that proper English? Then his best friend got hospitalised,then his best friend had a baby so he often used to go see the baby in hospital.


Your guess is right,his best friend was his wife and the baby his daughter. πŸ™‚ You got to give him that,how many of our men right now are best friends with their spouses?


Well,my point is,girl,you could be sleeping with a married man and not know it. He could be married to his work and his computer be his daughter. He could be married to the music and dance is his daughter(this i wouldnt mind πŸ˜‰ ).He could be married to himself and his alcohol be his daughter. He could be married to his business and his car be his daughter.He could be married to himself and his looks be his daughter. You never know. Just make sure the man you sleeping with is actually married and to you alone.


Married men,stay married to your wives and remain faithful. Let her be your best friend. I know we ain’t easy to deal with,but just try.


To all the married people,please stay married to one thing or person. Makes it easier for us non married πŸ˜‰




Author: waFrancis


13 thoughts on “SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN”

  1. Great read..I was tempted to scroll down to where you got busted by his ‘friend’..guess you were lucky it didn’t go that far..or maybe there’s a sequel…?

    Liked by 1 person

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