We can all deny and say we do not have that special someone in our life,kawaida yetu wakenya. But truth is,there is someone who is responsible for us,stop with God “achana na Mungu ;-p “, that special woman who gave birth to you. The woman who carried you when you were in preparations to be born. That woman who got swollen feet and became chubby because of you. That woman who went into labour for hours before you were born. That woman who wiped your first poop “trust me its gross”.  That woman who made sure that you got before she even thought about herself. That woman who keeps sacrificing through out your life.


That is the special woman. That woman you gave that special name, Mum.


Mum,its a universal word for a very selfless human being. We have to acknowledge her no matter how big we have become. Some of us grow way taller than our mothers,especially the guys. She still remains to be mum. At times we think we know too much than they do,but they taught us the basics.


This is for the special mums who didn’t get to see their babies. Those that passed away during child birth. They were strong enough to carry you to term and for that we give them the respect they deserve. They had hopes and dreams for their baby. For those,let us try and not disappoint them by becoming what they imagined we would be and even better.


To those who lost their mums after a few years of being together,thank God you atleast got to spend time with her. You saw her face,her smile and when you pissed her off,you atleast got to see her angry face. I know that face never fades and you will keep imagining how it would have been years later. Will the beauty have intensified as you two grow? Well,questions you will never get answers to.


And for the rest who still have their mums around, we have everything to be grateful for. You know that feeling when you get home and mum is not there,even if you don’t need her? Yeah,I get that too. Sometimes you want to go home and mum tells you she isn’t around,myself,hujipa shughuli until when am sure she is home. Even though I know when we together we will fight and argue over small things,like her calling me from my nap to go get her water,then she follows me to show me what mug to put it in. Or she just doesn’t want me to sit, she will keep asking “Nikii ureka?mathaa matietagirira muthamaki“(What are you doing? Time doesn’t wait for no king). Which is true,but seriously mum,am not allowed to just sit and take a rest?


You get her a smart phone,and when you go home,you find her using a mulika mwizi,apparently the smart phone was so much of a hustle. Trust me my mum goes to WhatsApp once a month. She gets a text when you are together and you instantly become the P.A,receive and respond.


But the best part,is just sitting around telling stories and eating home cooked food. And there is no refusing,mum’s food is the best even to the best of chefs.


So yes,despite all misunderstanding,the thinking you know better than she does,the little things she makes you do when you don’t want to,the times she complains you don’t call to check on her,she is right. She has all the reasons to. I know girls are more inclined to call dads but mums too need it.


Well,mum that special woman. Guys,she was your first special woman,let it remain as so,no matter how prominent,rich or whatever you become. Even when you get another special woman,your wife,and later your daughter,mum remains to be the most special one.


Ladies,you want to be a special woman. Of cause you are a special woman,but mum is more special. You have her DNA running through you. Treat her the way she deserves,like a special woman.she might have dressed you in some funny outfits haha,you know those lacy socks,funny dresses,over sized swetas,well,you get the picture. She still remains the special woman.


Happy “be earlied”(thats the opposite of belated right?)birthday mum.Cannot wait for next month.


Author: waFrancis


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