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To the man who will get the above title,congratulations. Its not an easy journey and am certain am no easy woman to deal with.I don’t know how it will be or what you will have to go through to get there,but I wish you all the best. There are so many things and responsibilities that will come with that title,but I hope we will get through them all together.


You will have to by pass my sisters. Most people are afraid of brothers,but well,the Francis’ girls are something and am no exception. One of my sisters is talkative, crazy and really knows how to tell her mind. She actually thinks any male friend I have or I introduce to them will be her brother in-law. One day,out of nowhere,she told me,”Wambu,usioe Trevor Noah,anakuanga so serious. (Wambu,don’t marry Trevor Noah, he usually is so serious)” The irony in the whole of that statement.ย 


Well,to you the man who wants to be my husband,there are afew things I would like you to know. First,am not complete,am not perfect,not even close. I may look it,but I am not. Am not looking for you to complete me,but love me completely with my incompleteness,my imperfections and all my scars. They are the ones that made me who I am today.


I am a mess. Some would say a beautiful one. Well,I don’t know. Its even hard to keep the company of me sometimes. I cannot stand myself. Just let me be when I have to. There are times I will push you away and others I will be needy and be all over your space. Please understand am learning to be myself too.


I pray,not all the time. Sometimes I forget. There are times I have spent the night crying more than I prayed. Sometimes am angry at God. But please,be there to remind me to pray,be there to pray for and with me. I need God,we actually need God if we are to make it through. They say marriage is for life,then we will need divine intervention.


I hope you love to dance. Even with two left feet,dance is sweet and we can always make one foot right,it doesn’t matter which.I could dance to the tune of nothing. I dont have a specific type of music i listen to,but so long as its a sweet beat, my body will move. “kamatia chini” tu ndio ilinishinda.Am hoping you will too love to dance.


I have been hurt before by afew people I thought were you. Time doesn’t heal like they say,but am sure they will have made me appreciate you more. Am sorry if at times I don’t love you right because of my experiences from the past. I know you too have had your share of hurt. They must have taught you how not to love and be loved. Am grateful for those women who temporarily held my tittle ๐Ÿ™‚ and taught you afew lessons. I dont expect you to heal me,but help me heal on my own ย as i help you too and keep the past in the past.


Apart from the many times we will fight and I piss you off till you question your whole decision of being with me,I want to spend my best times with you. Learning the little things that brighten your day. To encourage you whenever I can and to always be there when you need me.ย Well,I hope we are able to bounce back from a fight soonest possible.


We are from different backgrounds, some of your realities may not be mine,I hope we will make them ours and work through our differences.




Cannot wait to see the children we will bring forth,will they look like you? Will they have my characters? How well will we bring them up? Will we have favourites? You know I like them in plural ๐Ÿ˜‰ ? After they are grown and left home,will we be bored with each other? Will we still have the excitement of being together? With our dogs. Ohhh I pray that you are a dog person ๐Ÿ™‚ and if dogs don’t like you,we will get you a squirrel.

Well,you get it right?


Well,be silly with me,do random stuff with me.Bring me a rock(am not big on flowers) you saw and thought of me. Stare at the dark starless sky with me sometime.I hope to make lots of memories with you. I don’t promise to always be your favourite person,but I hope to be your only wife,am selfish like that ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย i hope the butterflies in my stomach wont die.


โ€ช+254 707 456713โ€ฌ 20161209_133155
Keep me smilling I will keep you wild ๐Ÿ˜‰


Until then.




Author: waFrancis



  1. When I grow up, I want to be your husband so that I can kill the butterflies in your stomach and kick your dogs all over.. Great piece


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