Dear son,

I don’t know how long I will wait to have you. But am sure it will all be in good time. And it will be special too because out of the billions of women capable of giving birth, The Man above will have chosen me to bring you forth. Am told that boy pregnancies,I mean when a woman is carrying a baby boy,are “troublesome”,the boy kicks too much, they are up most of the times and they make the mom have weird cravings,well,I cannot wait to experience that for myself. Ohh I hope none of my friends will tell me to hit the gym because am developing a tummy,(i hope Basil never gets to read this). When his mum was pregnant with him I often told her to work on that tummy before I got to know she was pregnant. Anywho,even if they told me that,I will just smile and let them be.


I cannot wait to see and experience with you your first smile,your first cry,your first words, your first step or even your first fall. What will I name you? I hope it won’t be a name kids at school will tease you about. Talking of school,I know our education system isn’t the best but baby you got to get an education. When I was in school,I wasn’t always position one,but I tried 🙂 I have my report books to show for it.


You know,I will be your first teacher,banker,catechist,nutritionist,fashion consultant, accountant,girlfriend. Talking of girlfriend,when you are older,I hope I will be at a position to talk to you about “grown up” stuff,I mean sex education,without being shy or misinforming you. Matters faith,I will try to bring you as close as possible to God. And pray you keep the faith even when you are older.




There is so much pressure on the boy child in our society. I hope you will be able to live your life the best way possible and live up to your expectations and no one else’s. During a confrontation,be the bigger man and walk away.

As much as I will love you to the last drop of my being, I know am not a saint,am as human as they come. I will make mistakes,but am ready to learn with you. Get challenged and correct myself and you as well. I hope you will learn better from my mistakes and make a better life for you.


Will we go clothe shopping every so often because you outgrew the others? And shoes?? How many will you lose before you are careful enough? Well,be prepared to put on 2 to 3 swetas because mummy is cold. What toys will you like to play with? Will you break them? With you know which one is missing just by looking at them? My brother,your uncle,used to do that. How about pets? Am a lover of dogs,I don’t mind cats either. Will you want to keep a rat,a goat or a bee?



I hope child I will afford to give you a comfortable life and a happy one.  I also hope to teach you how to keep your finances in check. Have a savings plan and invest wisely.


At home,there is no chore that belongs to girls or boys. Its our home,everyone does the dishes,does laundry or even cooks. I hope you will be a better Cook than I am.


Like I have learnt, they did not stop making pretty women after they made me. So am sure at some point you will meet one that will make you get butterflies in your stomach and i will be very jealous of her haha. Well,I hope you will treat her well,with respect and the honesty she deserves and she as well. I pray she never gets to cry because you hurt her.Love is a very beautiful thing.



Respect the people around you and do not judge people based on their appearance. Get to know them first. Remember to always smile. Make friends and keep them,don’t just know them. Appreciate them as they are and help in anyway you are abled to.


I hope I will get to travel the world with you. Experience new places together and make memories while at it. On special dates,I hope to treat them as so,special,with you my special person. To live each day with you like its special.


For your 1st Valentine’s day

Baby,there is so much i don’t know,what kind of mother will I be to you? How well will I deal with the difficult times that will come. But one thing am certain of I will love and protect you with all my might. And I hope your father,my husband,will be my partner in raising you right.


Love mom


Author: waFrancis


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