In this day and age,its very rare to find a guy asking a girl out on a date. Like a proper date you know. Dates nowadays are “uko tao? (are you in town?)” or “ukifika tao utanishow. (when you get to town tell me)” Have our men become so selfish? Have we ladies made them as so? Or have we all together forgotten or maybe we didn’t know what a date is/was. I think we should have a lesson on what a date should be like. I am no expert and I need lots of lessons on the same. So if you hear of a tutor, show them my way 🙂

Well,recently,some gentle man,yes gentleman we have very few of those nowadays,saw it wise to treat this stubborn lady to a lovely evening. We had dinner and a movie 🙂 what song is that line from?


Today morning’s weather would have been perfect for dinner and a movie,well not dinner,breakfast and a movie. Or wait,hot chocolate and a good movie. Sounds awesome right? Fantasies are allowed,but ohhh well,paper chasing happened and we back to reality.


images (2).jpg
There are so many utensils here to think they meant for one person.

Well,we didn’t do a movie,but a play,”BEI YA JIONI” and amazing is an understatement to this play. It was real,hilarious,energetic and the stage,woooooow I got no words for it. The actors,the dancers,the energy,the passion ohhhh its everything to take home.


“This is a love story….”  and i  got hooked. Who doesn’t want to hear about a love story? A beautiful,young love. It sure was a story about love,a story about me,about us, Kenyans as a whole. Our everyday struggles and what we do or willing to do to get over them. And this being an election year,this awesome piece of art couldn’t have come at a better time.


Hitting it where it hurts and showing us how petty and filthy we have become. You say filthy is a strong word? Have you seen the evil things we do to our neighbors to get what we want. More so behind their backs. If that ain’t filth and greed,its way below that.


Being yako ni ipi?


sema rrrrrrraaahhhh….!!!”

Do we all have a price marked on our heads? Are we easily persuaded and can change our minds at every lil lie we hear? Even almost changing the groom because the planners couldn’t get “apple green” and “lime green”  wont go well with what was in your plan,maybe you are just self centered or some silly reason to make you feel good about yourself.



Dancers,dancers,dancers ohhhh the dancers,they were just on point. When I grow up i want to dance like them. They brought life to the whole thing. If it weren’t for them,am sure at some point I would have dozed off 😉  but those dancers are flexible and move with such beauty. Jims and Dims can you take in a learner? Somebody please pass them my request.


Ohh I forgot to point out. I love our national anthem. And more so when played by a live Band. Well am always jealous because on my  baby brother’s birthday(its on one of the public holidays),they have to play it. In my personal opinion,we should sing it as it is and be proud of our national anthem. The lady who sang it,she got a voice and a beautiful one. I would listen to her all day. The music in the play,i dont know what its called but am sure there is a name,was amazingly beautiful. And the band,uwwww I go weak in my knees. I actually thought the music was recorded. Future husband,can they play at our wedding?;-) Chatterbox,thanks for a beautiful eye opening play. They were hours well spent. Though I had to stand at some point,my a** got numb sitting. When is the next one?


Wait,did the wedding happen? Mark you I had been told not to try find out what the play was titled. I only got to know it when it started. Please,make sure your “bei ya jioni” is worth it and is for the good of everyone. Make that “bei” valuable till the end not only for the moment.


Me after the play



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