30 Reasons you are a Die Hard Rotaractor!

.I couldn’t have said it any better

Rotaract Club of Mithibai College: Blog

Heya Rotaractors!

The word ROTARACT is our Power, our Identity, and our LIFE indeed. All around the World, this one thing makes us go crazy.

Check out are you the Die Hard one?

An article which all the Dedicated Rotaractors can truly relate to.

Happy Reading!

Do Like, Comment, Share and Spread the Rotaraction.

  1. You can multitask better than your Non – Rtr friend. *Thanks Club*

B.jpg2.You are already Dating Your Club, aren’t you?

  1. Your Club Family is your Second Family and you can’t imagine celebrations without them.
  1. GBM / Board Meeting is more important than a Family Function.


  1. There is no other happiness than being a part of a Community Service event ❤
  1. Installations are no less than Prom Nights and you want to look the Prettiest.

cd.jpg7.In a day, you say the Club Cheer more number of times than your Grandmother says the Gayatri Mantra.

  1. Your President…

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