The Family that is no Cult



If you were to ask me what rotaract is or is about,I don’t think I would give you a satisfactory answer. I would simply say,its family. Then maybe you will go on and ask how I joined that family? How I got to know about it and so many follow up questions. But someone doesn’t ask to join a family,they just find themselves born there. The only time you would probably ask to join a family is when you getting married or marrying. And that too,you will be going to start your own family. Any who, about rotaract/rotary,the best way to understand better,is to be part of it.

Well for me,I learnt about rotaract at a very young age. There is a time I visited my grandma,and she had this huge water tank and there was some circular thing drawn on the side. It fascinated me how did they draw that? How did this massive concrete tank move from where it was to my grandma’s compound (I didn’t know it was built there 🙂 ) ? No one really explained about it to me then.


Fast forward,many years later,I join campus, The University of Nairobi (the article “the” has to be there you know). A first year,there are so many clubs looking to recruit new members. As am going to my room at box,Hall 20,I see this poster with a familiar circular drawing. I was so excited and I wanted to know about it. Went for the meeting that Tuesday at ADD rm 310,it felt like going to alcohol anonymous, well ave never attended any, i was nervous, a first year,I didn’t know anyone.

Well,I went and honestly I got bored.  They did some sort of “chant” for lack of a better word. Sounded like prayer. The 4 way test,like i learnt it later.There were so many people,introductions took so long by the time I was introducing myself,I had forgot the names of everyone before me. There was this weird protocal people used . The president??? How? Well we were next to statehouse,could it have been the reason they kept reffering to the president?



I did not go back to the meetings for a long time. But there was this urge to know more about this “anthrax” my uncle couldn’t pronounce rotaract so he decided its anthrax. I went back learnt more about this community and within no time I got inducted, became a member. The meetings,fellowships,as they are properly referred were very interactive and I got to meet so many people who have since become very good friends. Community service projects,ohhhh I learnt the tank at my grandma’s was a donation from Rotary Club of Nakuru as part of their community service. We went to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) at the children’s cancer ward on Saturdays it was fun and humbling playing with those children. Calling you teacher and all. Learning new baby songs. And the Christmas’s lunches at the end of the year. In hospital one doesn’t get to celebrate but we brought smiles to this kids. I honestly looked forward to Saturdays to go play with them. And the annual sunshine rally by Rotary club of Nairobi ohhhh,fun and serving at the same time. Though nimezembea,they normally are amazing and you get to appreciate everything you got.


Fun times with the Sinai fire victims where RC UON members were vulunteers
We had trapia on our way to a mentorship in Othaya


Ohh,at Kariko School,one of the kids shouted “Terry ni wangu..” (Terry is mine…). I will have to ask what he meant 🙂 but well,if i could share so many photos I have of Rc UoN activities, I could create a very huge album.


What next after school? Does Rotaract die there? No,there are community based clubs,but waaaa, did I struggle to find one in Nakuru. I moved back home after school. I eventually got one. And am a proud to be one of the charter members of Rc Menengai. Well,teething problems as a new club,but we still serving humanity to the best way we know how.

rotaract club.jpg

Clipboard distribution 2016

I can honestly say I have gained so much being a member of this “no cult” that doesnt chant but a community that serves the human community wherever it is. This family that is always ready to doesnt matter who you are. Well,my baby brother is one of the beneficiaries of this kindness too. When i was a transitioning member from Rc UoN,they raised funds for his hospital bill. My family was,it still is very greatful. And am especially thankful to Rotaractor Rudisha,who was the president then.

I have made life long friends I cannot mention all of you but you guys are amazing. I have made awesome connections those that matter. Traveled to various places all for rotaract snd the experiences,cannot be traded for anything.And we have an awesome District Rotaract Rep (DRR). Soft spoken and he can carry a beat 🙂

Salsa dancing with DRR

Being the rotaract week,i thought i should highlight my amazing moments in the few years i have been part of this amazing family.There is a lot I would write about rotaract,rotary,awesome rotaractors and the amazing Rotarians,they would fill a book,come to think of it,I think I should.


For those in Nakuru,feel free to join Rc Menengai every Saturday at 5pm for our fellowship.

Happy birthday rotaract.Here is to many many more service to humanity,fun moments, personal growth,friendships and family.


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