Letters to my Daughter

Hey baby girl,I don’t know much longer I will have to wait to have you. I don’t even know what name I will give you. I hope whatever name I will come up with,will not be a boring name in your time. I don’t even know what kind of mother I will be to you. But you know what,there are around 3billion women and counting,some richer, prettier, others have a masters in parenthood, you know all that stuff but this great guy above will have chosen me to be your mum,He must have a special reason for that. Well,if I am able to be just a half of what my mother was to me,then baby you are okey.


I cannot wait to feel you grow and get shape inside of me. The isue of pregnancy still fascinates me. Its a miracle on its own. Will not go into details about getting pregnant until I can talk to you in person about it. And when I bring you forth,one of the feelings I haven’t experienced yet,giving birth,I cannot wait to hold you in my arms,look at you with amazement.

Ofcos baby,I will look like a saint to you,but trust me I am not one,am just as human as they come. I hope I will be the one to tell you about my mistakes so that you can appreciate and learn from them. And when you are a little older,and make mistakes,I will punish you not cause I hate you but because I love you and will want to be the best.

I have been told about sleepless nights with children. I will not say am prepared,but well,they come with the package. To experience your growth and every now and then to go clothe shopping because you have outgrown the ones you had.




I will be your first teacher,friend,financial advisor,salonist,fashion guru and not forgetting catechist. Matters faith are inportant. I will teach you the best way I know how until you are old enough to decide what is good for you. School,I don’t know what is bad and good school,though our education system is messed up,its your right to get good education. God help me I give you just that.

  I cannot wait to know what kind of music you will like. What movies,will we fight over the remote? Will you try a hand in writing like I am. Will we dance out of tune like I always do? And well,there are so many times you will put on something warm because I am cold 😉


I hope I won’t be shy to teach you sex education. I will not want you learning about things out there. I may not be the best but am sure I will do my best.

There is so much I would like to tell you but you know,the best lesson will be,live yourself as you are. Be your best friend. I may not always be by you all the time,but you will always have yourself.so learn to enjoy your own company after family.

Better get used to them,they will be your crazy aunts



Another thing dear child,its okey to cry.it only hurts you more when you try to be strong. Crying doesn’t mean you are weak,it only shows you are human and you have emotions. But I pray you never cry because a boyfriend hurt you.

You have to learn how to get up from the table when love isn’t being served anymore-nina Simone.

I have been here, I hope you never

Ohhh,I don’t know what will happen if you do not love animals. Because I love pets,dogs,cats no cows though. Any who,respect yourself every other person will respect you as so. Learn something new everyday. At school,I wasn’t always number one.I even have my report books(yeah they many,I went to many schools) to prove it.

.grooming time for Mona



I want to travel the world with you. Go to new places I haven’t gone to or have been to and would like for you to experience them. And on special dates,I hope I will treat you in accordance to the occasion.

.this is for your first Valentine’s

Always have a smile on your face and do not judge people if you don’t know the whole story. Know your friends and learn to keep the genuine ones. For me,I have met them through Rotaract/Rotary. I think you will be a member at birth 🙂 . through Rotaract, I have learnt to appreciate and give back.



Well,there is so much I would write for you,but all in all,I don’t know what kind of mum I will be. I keep wondering,if I had you sooner,would I be a better mother,and if I have you later, will I be equally as good? Ofcos,I cannot have you without a father. I hope he will be the same man as my husband 😉





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