Its been a beautiful year so far. Only 59days in,and I can honestly say I have felt all the feelings that a human being could feel.its crazy, overwhelming and awesome at the same time. I know its hard to explain that and its confusing to experience all of the above. But all in all,thankful to God for this far.its his graces that have carried me here.




When tomorrow comes,I keep wondering what it will bring with it. Ahhh,tomorrow should be 29th? I have never really understood how this day only comes once every 4 years,it puzzles me. Why couldn’t it be 31st Dec or 1st of Jan? I would love for some anniversaries to be on this day. Not an every year celebration and you won’t be on your significant other’s neck that he forgot your special date,he will remember it in 4 years. Cool huh?



Talking of special dates,this month brings with it an overrated day,a day that I feel is given so much attention than it deserves. Well,most ladies on Valentine’s day we expect so much from our men it literally hurts. If he doesn’t do anything for you that day, and the way you went all out and wore a red dress and almost painted your hair red,he will not hear the end of it. Its their responsibility to take care of us,but its also ours to help them.

.I too have my LRD


The same month I celebrate the birth of a very special man. I love him to bits and his mother can attest to that. I recently disappointed him,but he was quick to understand. Some kinda love he got 😉 My godson,Basil, he is such a lovely young man. So grown for his age. Its a learning experience to be with kids,and Basil is no different.



Because I do not know when tomorrow comes what it will bring with it,am living each day as it comes. It might bring death, was talking about death and how it feels,does it come with a “death feeling”? Well,none of us is dead yet and none of the dead have come back to complain about how it feels yet,so we stay and wait.


When tomorrow comes,it might as well bring with it love. Ohhh,some kind of love that brings peace with it. The one that you know someone will always be there nomatter what. Not only love from family,but friends who are now family. Those that would bend backwards just for you. Those people you know they love you without expecting it back. Those that pray for you even when you haven’t asked them to. Those that can feel the sadness in your voice from a phone call. Some kind of love that lasts an eternity.

.am not sure the shoes were a birthday/christmas gift or Valentine’s

When tomorrow comes,I hope I will have lived today to the fullest. Done everything that makes me happy. Have no regrets on the turn of events today. Said things like I meant them. And if I got angry,not to let things get out of hand. You know live life,enjoy it,not to just get by. And love like tomorrow won’t come.

When tomorrow comes,I hope I will still be smilling

Author: waFrancis


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