You could wake up today and tell me,”Terry, I think its not working. Am sure you will find somebody better. I wish you the best life can bring. You are beautifull and all.I really am sorry….its not me its you(haha see what I did there)”. Yes,you could say all those nice words you been rehearsing for days and any who,clearly its me. You are the one who needs to change because I am not going to soak my pillow again. I have done enough of that already,

When you said you will call back in a few and it turned out to a few weeks. Every time my phone rang I hoped it was you.

When I texted you and you did not reply even after days. Then you call like everything is alright.

When I was sick and I didn’t get a get well soon message from you because you didn’t even know that I was unwell. The just one message I hoped would get me out of bed.

When my whole world was crumbling down and I thought you were the only one I could turn to but I couldn’t find you.

When most of the time I felt like I was begging for your attention.

When I couldn’t even hang out with my friends because you thought I was sleeping around. But in the real sense they were telling me to hold on when I was giving up.

When I waited for you till late at night and you didn’t show up anyway.


When I called my girlfriends sobbing uncontrollably because I couldn’t take it anymore.

When I couldn’t explain to my little sister why I was staring at my phone.

When you made me worry because you shut me out for weeks.

When I even tried to pray and I couldn’t properly talk to God because i was angry.



When I felt like the other woman or some cheap mistress.

When even bussying myself didn’t work.I still hurt inside.

When you left me alone to be with yourfriends.

When my mum asked about you and I did not have a reply.

When you forgot my birthday.

Well,I could go on for ages about when I cried,but my smile concealed the burning tears. I know what I gave you,I don’t know what you received. My pillow has had one too many wet nights (sounds cheesy haha) but its about time I put it out to dry.






Author: waFrancis


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