So,it really is here? The trial month finally done with.should I say happy new month or is it happy new year? Somewhere along the trial month,I thought they would recall it and give us a 2016 season 2 or 2016s haha.


But truth be told,there is no trial month to any year. I wonder what January has got on people. Its just a month like any other it has 31 days like several other months you know.


All the dates in January are on the calendar. There is no calendar that has a pull out for the extensional days. Its all in the mind.it actually should be the best month ever. After all the Christmas’s bonuses,holiday allowances and all. I heard a certain rich man say,December was his worst month. As an employer,he sure was right. There is certainly a lot of money that he has to give away,employee of the year,employee of the month,throw them a end of year party you know.


Wait or is it that people clean out their accounts in December so that they can start the new year on a clean slate? What logic? What if January came in the middle if the year? Would it still be a trial month?


In my opinion,all months are the same,be it the 1st month or the 16th one. I am no financial expert,but well ni kujipanga tu(arranging yourself haha). and money is not everything,its being alive and breathing without aid that is everything.


So let’s give thanks to the One who keeps us alive for allowing us the gift of another year. For me,its an year am very optimistic about.


A new year brings with it new births,marriages, deaths,more lessons and certainly growing old.its upon ourselves to know if they are all worth it because they certainly will be there.


.mark the important dates youself



Author: waFrancis


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