2016: The highs and the lows

Its a few days to the end if the year and there is so much hype about it. I dont know why. 2016 has been quite some year for me. Obviously there are some things I would like to forget forever but they just remain to be memories I will remember and laugh at. If Santa brings us good things around Christ mass, I think he brought me this year as a present and I have been unwrapping it on every waking day.

Talking of Santa,is he real or just a thought? I dont know,if he were real,and he was all I see on cartoon,(yes,I still watch cartoon till now,and I love it…but I think I should start watching kina Alejandro and maybe then I will know how to keep a man,hahahaha that was funny even in my mind :-p ) i would steal his flying dust,so I would know how people who ride on “high horses” (i think I learnt that in primary,its a real thing no?) feel. Cookies,children keep cookies for him and his assistants,well,they would come to my house and find none,only me and my puppy eyes waiting for them to give me more. Well,enough of fantasies and back to the real world.

This year has been an eventful one,I witnessed my friend start off a project that has made me go on hikes and meet awesome people. Have a good time and tour our country. #Peetstagraphy has also seen me over come my camera shyness and taken awesome photos.

.meeeen am flexible :-p



I thank God for this far he has brought me. I think I even got to be more prayerful this year and I must admit it feels really nice. I also met someone I could pray with or ask to pray for me. Its not easy to find such a person in this day and age. Someone you can talk about God,the bible faith and not feel awkward about it.

My hair, ohhh my hair…haha,after a few years of shaggy unkept hair,2016 I celebrated 1year of rocking the locks. Some times they are neat and pretty, other times mau mau were better :-).

I did some pretty embarrassing stuff this year,waaa some are so embarasing I blush at the thought of them 😉 Some were pretty stupid,others I did people wrong,am sorry for that,and others were just hilarious. Am sure the picture below pretty sums up everyone I encountered. The ones who used me,am glad I brought some pleasure to your life.

Some people will test teach you.jpg
.this explains it

Letting go of stuff brings so much peace to the soul. I have struggled with so much stuff but an glad I can now let go and move on with life.  I learnt to stop punishing myself for past mistakes or wrongs that were not mine. Its important to look after me 😉

Despite all my travels,I got to spend lots of time with my family. I loved every minute of it,and did I mention,my lil brother graduated from NYS the other day. I think that warrants for a story for another day.


.my fear for horses is real


I might have lost touch with some friends but I recconected with some old ones and met and made friends with some awesome people. I am so glad I got to meet you all. I hope to keep the friendship going.

365 -4 days(where is the 1/4) : So,the people who are waiting for their pastors to tell them how this has been their year,people,its been your year since you have been alive through it all.the happy and the sad times,thats what counts. You lost,you gained,somebody died, another was born well,thats what its all about.

I hope 2017 will be more of an adventure like 2016 has been. I cannot change or  go back to the experiences I went through,they are to be cherished as they are. Thankyou Lord for a wonderful year,I pray the coming one is as blessed.





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