.on my 1st bithday

Its yet another Christmas and celebrations are in the air. On this day my parents celebrate their 1st day as parents. In this day several years ago,after close to 24hrs of labour,my mom brought forth a very sturborn girl that is me. They named her Teresah,which most of you know today as Terry. Ohhhh I love my parents for not naming me Noel,Christi,Emanuela,Jesus (well that would have been awesome 😉 ) or any of those cliché Christmas related names.

My feeling on Christmas is sort of a love /hate kinda thing. I dont like it much because most people forget its my birthday and send me Christmas messages instead. Am no fan of sending cute birthday messages but the few I send,is this how you repay me??? Haha. But I love it because,none of my Cucu’s forget my big day. And also,because everybody all over gets to celebrate it.I know,Jesus was not exactly born on this day,but it feels nice that his birth is celebrated the same day as mine. Not only in Kenya but the whole world. It beats the national anthem being played on my brother’s birthday :-p

.who gets to cut this cake?

Along the way in my life,I have met incredible people. We become friends and later learn that we share a birthday. Nina and Kibe have made my birthdays more tolerable because they do not forget to wish me a happy birthday,and they are the few people they tell me happy birthday and my response is “same to you”… Few people get to say that.

Well,to Mr and Mrs Francis, as you keep celebrating your 1st day as parents,am honoured to be associated with you. I am thankful I never lacked through out my childhood. Even though I will still remain a child to you guys, I know am now grown. And it sucks to grow up 😦 but thank God for he has been faithful and for his graces to see another year.

.many Christmases later

To all Christmas babies,happy new year to us. May you eat till you cannot eat no more,be thankful,be safe,be generous to the less fortunate and be brighter than the star up on the Christmas tree.

And noooo,my stubbornnes hasn’t gone down yet,if anything,I have become more sturbon 😉 but I love those who are able to stand me and accept me as I am.

To the rest of the world,merry Christmas and when the new year comes,be sure to thank God for it.


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