20th December

And my midnight diaries continue…this date,for some reason my mind had decided it will get stuck in my mind. Not that its a bad thing though.


2 0 1 2,I wonder what these numbers have got on me. Maybe my mind just like to play mind games on me. At some point I even thought its a holiday. Come to think of it,it should be a holiday 😉


Talking of holidays,I think all mothers should have a holiday for when their children and specifically 1st borns are born,mine gets it,she actually got it even before I was born,perks of being born on christmas,so back to holidays for 1st borns. When one gives birth to their 1st child,its a whole new world and this special day should be recognised all through their life for as long as their child lives.


I hope my future bosses will recognise this and allow me to stay home on my babies’ (yes,I love them in plural,future husband be aware) birthday every year no matter where it will come at. To also have an extension of it on monday if it falls on a Sunday.


On this whole new world if motherhood,and getting a holiday on that 1st day. Its like day one of school,no one can possibly forget it. So how about we start a campaign for the “1st BORN BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY.At some point most of us will become parents to first borns.


To everyone who this is their special day and are the first child in your family,enjoy your special day,pray for your mums that they may be around for more many more of your special days. Cherish the love they give to you. Thank God for good health and family.


I am not one to send pretty messages on both days but surprisingly I so love cute birthday messages for my birthday 😉


Happy birthday Dec 20th babies and us all December babies. Cheers to us as we count the blessings in our lives and to never growing old.10396269_10205097098497591_3439119097725037515_n


Author: waFrancis


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