Where did we go wrong?

Today being the day my parents took their vows(these are not the exact words) to remain together for better or worse,to have and to hold,with lovely,sturbon,adorable,impatient,talented and noisy children(trust me we at times can make you want just run away) till death do them part. They have remained together through it all. Its close to 30 years (i feel so old) since they got married.


There are couples I have seen on TV celebration close to 100 years of marriage. Thats such a blessing. Am told marriage is not a bed of roses, (why can’t they use other flowers?)  Its not the easiest if institutions yet so many people are able to stay in it harmoniously.


It makes me wonder,what happens to us young people? Where did we go wrong?because even in our relationships the commitment you see in our parents its lacking. Many a times we plan for weddings and yet we are not ready for marriage. What happens then? Our marriages will not go for 2years.


The other day I read a lengthy article on spouses praying together. In this day and age,very few of us remember to pray on their own let alone ask the other person to pray with them. The cool ones are the guys who ask you,”kanashikia wapi weekend?” (Where is it going down on the weekend?) And the guys who ask “What mass are you going today,or what was the reading today in church?”  Noooo,those ones are not cool enough to be in our squad. Then what happens when we get married,how do you think we will teach our kids about God?

I was over at a boyfriend’s house sometime back,he served me food,then I asked we pray before eating and there was this puzzled look on his face I thought I said something wrong. How have we distanced our selves from God that much?


How do we expect our marriages to succeed if you can barely pray with your girlfriend/boyfriend, how then will it change that you will get to pray with your wife/husband? Yeah,we can be very good at planning our weddings,hire the best professionals, planner,chef,photographer and the like,but our marriage? Marriage goes beyond the wedding day lest we forget. Sure people will talk about the wedding for a few days or until the next one depending…


I have nothing against weddings,they are so beautiful, full of colour and they bring people together,Two families becoming one. What follows after that requires lots of graces from God. But God help us,we can barely keep a relationship for a month. At the occurrence of a small problem,misunderstanding,distance,miscommunication we give up and move on to the next. What exactly do we look for in people?


Let us not be scared to ask our significant others to pray for and with us. Who knows,they just might be our lifetime partners. We should also learn to pray for a good marriage and not just a flashy wedding.


As long as we live,let us celebrate life,live it likes its the only one we got,because it is. For all the singles,married, planning to get married, we are at peace when we tell and involve God in our day today .and,commitment,discipline and respect will help our relationships or marriages go a long way.


I wouldn’t forget,to the couple responsible for me,HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY. Mom and dad,you are the inspiration behind this piece. I love you till forever.

Mrs Francis this day many years ago

Author: waFrancis


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