I love to eat,I love food.I love everything that will be going through my mouth(dont get me wrong) and cause joy to my tummy. I would eat at whatever time of the day,it surprises me how I still remain very tiny,people sugar coat it and call it petite.

You wanna take me out to eat,owwww I am so there. But this stomach is a funny creature,I say that cause I think it has a mind and a time zone of itself. I might just have taken a very heavy meal,go into a meeting,a few minutes in,it starts grumbling,like seriously I just fed you. Or some cute guy I have been crushing on for ages gathers up some courage and asks me to lunch,I haven’t eaten anything,then this stupid creatures decides,noooo,nothing is going to go in. And they make really good accomplices with the nose and mouth. The nose decides,these food doesn’t smell nice and the mouth,gets shut like those security doors to where?I dont know. I think if the stomach was an animal,it would have been a cat. Anyway so these guy keeps thinking,how of a foody I am not. Shock on him. What a waste.

Talking about going out,there are those tiny little things that gets on my nerves about eating. You know those people who slop their drinks,tea,water,uji name it. My siblings know how irritated I get when one does that. Owwww and loud chewers. Whaaaaaaaat????I couldn’t write enough A’s on that to emphersize. It causes actual pain to my being.

Why would a normal human being eat or drink like that? How would you want to cause so much pain and misery to people around you? Feels like someone is poking my ears with a needle or trying to skin me using a razor. Or maybe poking my eyes using a dirty stick. Why?Why?That is a crime against humanity on so many levels.

It pains me to even write about it. Why would one not be thoughtful about the people around them? I guess this answers the question as to why I prefer to eat alone most of the time. Because that sloping sound of the drink and the ugly loud chewing is so painful I cringe inside.


I love people not as much as I love my food,so,I will eat alone. And to avoid a long late night text like this one from another person,keep your food and mouth conversation inside the mouth,we dont want to hear about it. It could have been better if we didn’t know the food was there,but we will know if you are chewing and not from the sounds you making,dont get me started on people who talk with their mouth full.

.good looking food is appetising

Author: waFrancis



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