Useful Nights

This is the post excerpt.


So here goes nothing….hahaha just kidding. I like to read,and i apreciate a good read. All these reading got so much going through my mind and i felt i had to share,now that am here,am totaly blank. Dont know what to say,i mean write. Its funny how when walking i think,”mmmmm this would make a realy nice piece,it would be a nice read…” Then when i get a chance to do it, POOF,it goes like magic. But with time,i hope all the letters will come right back to me and in the right order so that this late nights sleeping on the floor can be useful. In primary school,why wouldn’t they give us the composition and insha papers to do at this hour? That way we would comfotably give the teacher the more than 400 words they were asking on a story you totally have no idea what it was about. Like this post right here. So now,until next time,I hope it will be better,I get my ass of the cold floor….

Super moon as seen from nakuru

Author: waFrancis


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