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This is the post excerpt.

So here goes nothing….hahaha just kidding. I like to read,and i apreciate a good read. All these reading got so much going through my mind and i felt i had to share,now that am here,am totaly blank. Dont know what to say,i mean write. Its funny how when walking i think,”mmmmm this would make a realy nice piece,it would be a nice read…” Then when i get a chance to do it, POOF,it goes like magic. But with time,i hope all the letters will come right back to me and in the right order so that this late nights sleeping on the floor can be useful. In primary school,why wouldn’t they give us the composition and insha papers to do at this hour? That way we would comfotably give the teacher the more than 400 words they were asking on a story you totally have no idea what it was about. Like this post right here. So now,until next time,I hope it will be better,I get my ass of the cold floor….

Super moon as seen from nakuru


So,it really is here? The trial month finally done with.should I say happy new month or is it happy new year? Somewhere along the trial month,I thought they would recall it and give us a 2016 season 2 or 2016s haha.


But truth be told,there is no trial month to any year. I wonder what January has got on people. Its just a month like any other it has 31 days like several other months you know.


All the dates in January are on the calendar. There is no calendar that has a pull out for the extensional days. Its all in the mind.it actually should be the best month ever. After all the Christmas’s bonuses,holiday allowances and all. I heard a certain rich man say,December was his worst month. As an employer,he sure was right. There is certainly a lot of money that he has to give away,employee of the year,employee of the month,throw them a end of year party you know.


Wait or is it that people clean out their accounts in December so that they can start the new year on a clean slate? What logic? What if January came in the middle if the year? Would it still be a trial month?


In my opinion,all months are the same,be it the 1st month or the 16th one. I am no financial expert,but well ni kujipanga tu(arranging yourself haha). and money is not everything,its being alive and breathing without aid that is everything.


So let’s give thanks to the One who keeps us alive for allowing us the gift of another year. For me,its an year am very optimistic about.


A new year brings with it new births,marriages, deaths,more lessons and certainly growing old.its upon ourselves to know if they are all worth it because they certainly will be there.


.mark the important dates youself


2016: The highs and the lows

Its a few days to the end if the year and there is so much hype about it. I dont know why. 2016 has been quite some year for me. Obviously there are some things I would like to forget forever but they just remain to be memories I will remember and laugh at. If Santa brings us good things around Christ mass, I think he brought me this year as a present and I have been unwrapping it on every waking day.

Talking of Santa,is he real or just a thought? I dont know,if he were real,and he was all I see on cartoon,(yes,I still watch cartoon till now,and I love it…but I think I should start watching kina Alejandro and maybe then I will know how to keep a man,hahahaha that was funny even in my mind :-p ) i would steal his flying dust,so I would know how people who ride on “high horses” (i think I learnt that in primary,its a real thing no?) feel. Cookies,children keep cookies for him and his assistants,well,they would come to my house and find none,only me and my puppy eyes waiting for them to give me more. Well,enough of fantasies and back to the real world.

This year has been an eventful one,I witnessed my friend start off a project that has made me go on hikes and meet awesome people. Have a good time and tour our country. #Peetstagraphy has also seen me over come my camera shyness and taken awesome photos.

.meeeen am flexible :-p



I thank God for this far he has brought me. I think I even got to be more prayerful this year and I must admit it feels really nice. I also met someone I could pray with or ask to pray for me. Its not easy to find such a person in this day and age. Someone you can talk about God,the bible faith and not feel awkward about it.

My hair, ohhh my hair…haha,after a few years of shaggy unkept hair,2016 I celebrated 1year of rocking the locks. Some times they are neat and pretty, other times mau mau were better :-).

I did some pretty embarrassing stuff this year,waaa some are so embarasing I blush at the thought of them 😉 Some were pretty stupid,others I did people wrong,am sorry for that,and others were just hilarious. Am sure the picture below pretty sums up everyone I encountered. The ones who used me,am glad I brought some pleasure to your life.

Some people will test teach you.jpg
.this explains it

Letting go of stuff brings so much peace to the soul. I have struggled with so much stuff but an glad I can now let go and move on with life.  I learnt to stop punishing myself for past mistakes or wrongs that were not mine. Its important to look after me 😉

Despite all my travels,I got to spend lots of time with my family. I loved every minute of it,and did I mention,my lil brother graduated from NYS the other day. I think that warrants for a story for another day.


.my fear for horses is real


I might have lost touch with some friends but I recconected with some old ones and met and made friends with some awesome people. I am so glad I got to meet you all. I hope to keep the friendship going.

365 -4 days(where is the 1/4) : So,the people who are waiting for their pastors to tell them how this has been their year,people,its been your year since you have been alive through it all.the happy and the sad times,thats what counts. You lost,you gained,somebody died, another was born well,thats what its all about.

I hope 2017 will be more of an adventure like 2016 has been. I cannot change or  go back to the experiences I went through,they are to be cherished as they are. Thankyou Lord for a wonderful year,I pray the coming one is as blessed.





.on my 1st bithday

Its yet another Christmas and celebrations are in the air. On this day my parents celebrate their 1st day as parents. In this day several years ago,after close to 24hrs of labour,my mom brought forth a very sturborn girl that is me. They named her Teresah,which most of you know today as Terry. Ohhhh I love my parents for not naming me Noel,Christi,Emanuela,Jesus (well that would have been awesome 😉 ) or any of those cliché Christmas related names.

My feeling on Christmas is sort of a love /hate kinda thing. I dont like it much because most people forget its my birthday and send me Christmas messages instead. Am no fan of sending cute birthday messages but the few I send,is this how you repay me??? Haha. But I love it because,none of my Cucu’s forget my big day. And also,because everybody all over gets to celebrate it.I know,Jesus was not exactly born on this day,but it feels nice that his birth is celebrated the same day as mine. Not only in Kenya but the whole world. It beats the national anthem being played on my brother’s birthday :-p

.who gets to cut this cake?

Along the way in my life,I have met incredible people. We become friends and later learn that we share a birthday. Nina and Kibe have made my birthdays more tolerable because they do not forget to wish me a happy birthday,and they are the few people they tell me happy birthday and my response is “same to you”… Few people get to say that.

Well,to Mr and Mrs Francis, as you keep celebrating your 1st day as parents,am honoured to be associated with you. I am thankful I never lacked through out my childhood. Even though I will still remain a child to you guys, I know am now grown. And it sucks to grow up 😦 but thank God for he has been faithful and for his graces to see another year.

.many Christmases later

To all Christmas babies,happy new year to us. May you eat till you cannot eat no more,be thankful,be safe,be generous to the less fortunate and be brighter than the star up on the Christmas tree.

And noooo,my stubbornnes hasn’t gone down yet,if anything,I have become more sturbon 😉 but I love those who are able to stand me and accept me as I am.

To the rest of the world,merry Christmas and when the new year comes,be sure to thank God for it.

20th December

And my midnight diaries continue…this date,for some reason my mind had decided it will get stuck in my mind. Not that its a bad thing though.


2 0 1 2,I wonder what these numbers have got on me. Maybe my mind just like to play mind games on me. At some point I even thought its a holiday. Come to think of it,it should be a holiday 😉


Talking of holidays,I think all mothers should have a holiday for when their children and specifically 1st borns are born,mine gets it,she actually got it even before I was born,perks of being born on christmas,so back to holidays for 1st borns. When one gives birth to their 1st child,its a whole new world and this special day should be recognised all through their life for as long as their child lives.


I hope my future bosses will recognise this and allow me to stay home on my babies’ (yes,I love them in plural,future husband be aware) birthday every year no matter where it will come at. To also have an extension of it on monday if it falls on a Sunday.


On this whole new world if motherhood,and getting a holiday on that 1st day. Its like day one of school,no one can possibly forget it. So how about we start a campaign for the “1st BORN BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY.At some point most of us will become parents to first borns.


To everyone who this is their special day and are the first child in your family,enjoy your special day,pray for your mums that they may be around for more many more of your special days. Cherish the love they give to you. Thank God for good health and family.


I am not one to send pretty messages on both days but surprisingly I so love cute birthday messages for my birthday 😉


Happy birthday Dec 20th babies and us all December babies. Cheers to us as we count the blessings in our lives and to never growing old.10396269_10205097098497591_3439119097725037515_n

Where did we go wrong?

Today being the day my parents took their vows(these are not the exact words) to remain together for better or worse,to have and to hold,with lovely,sturbon,adorable,impatient,talented and noisy children(trust me we at times can make you want just run away) till death do them part. They have remained together through it all. Its close to 30 years (i feel so old) since they got married.


There are couples I have seen on TV celebration close to 100 years of marriage. Thats such a blessing. Am told marriage is not a bed of roses, (why can’t they use other flowers?)  Its not the easiest if institutions yet so many people are able to stay in it harmoniously.


It makes me wonder,what happens to us young people? Where did we go wrong?because even in our relationships the commitment you see in our parents its lacking. Many a times we plan for weddings and yet we are not ready for marriage. What happens then? Our marriages will not go for 2years.


The other day I read a lengthy article on spouses praying together. In this day and age,very few of us remember to pray on their own let alone ask the other person to pray with them. The cool ones are the guys who ask you,”kanashikia wapi weekend?” (Where is it going down on the weekend?) And the guys who ask “What mass are you going today,or what was the reading today in church?”  Noooo,those ones are not cool enough to be in our squad. Then what happens when we get married,how do you think we will teach our kids about God?

I was over at a boyfriend’s house sometime back,he served me food,then I asked we pray before eating and there was this puzzled look on his face I thought I said something wrong. How have we distanced our selves from God that much?


How do we expect our marriages to succeed if you can barely pray with your girlfriend/boyfriend, how then will it change that you will get to pray with your wife/husband? Yeah,we can be very good at planning our weddings,hire the best professionals, planner,chef,photographer and the like,but our marriage? Marriage goes beyond the wedding day lest we forget. Sure people will talk about the wedding for a few days or until the next one depending…


I have nothing against weddings,they are so beautiful, full of colour and they bring people together,Two families becoming one. What follows after that requires lots of graces from God. But God help us,we can barely keep a relationship for a month. At the occurrence of a small problem,misunderstanding,distance,miscommunication we give up and move on to the next. What exactly do we look for in people?


Let us not be scared to ask our significant others to pray for and with us. Who knows,they just might be our lifetime partners. We should also learn to pray for a good marriage and not just a flashy wedding.


As long as we live,let us celebrate life,live it likes its the only one we got,because it is. For all the singles,married, planning to get married, we are at peace when we tell and involve God in our day today .and,commitment,discipline and respect will help our relationships or marriages go a long way.


I wouldn’t forget,to the couple responsible for me,HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY. Mom and dad,you are the inspiration behind this piece. I love you till forever.

Mrs Francis this day many years ago


I love to eat,I love food.I love everything that will be going through my mouth(dont get me wrong) and cause joy to my tummy. I would eat at whatever time of the day,it surprises me how I still remain very tiny,people sugar coat it and call it petite.

You wanna take me out to eat,owwww I am so there. But this stomach is a funny creature,I say that cause I think it has a mind and a time zone of itself. I might just have taken a very heavy meal,go into a meeting,a few minutes in,it starts grumbling,like seriously I just fed you. Or some cute guy I have been crushing on for ages gathers up some courage and asks me to lunch,I haven’t eaten anything,then this stupid creatures decides,noooo,nothing is going to go in. And they make really good accomplices with the nose and mouth. The nose decides,these food doesn’t smell nice and the mouth,gets shut like those security doors to where?I dont know. I think if the stomach was an animal,it would have been a cat. Anyway so these guy keeps thinking,how of a foody I am not. Shock on him. What a waste.

Talking about going out,there are those tiny little things that gets on my nerves about eating. You know those people who slop their drinks,tea,water,uji name it. My siblings know how irritated I get when one does that. Owwww and loud chewers. Whaaaaaaaat????I couldn’t write enough A’s on that to emphersize. It causes actual pain to my being.

Why would a normal human being eat or drink like that? How would you want to cause so much pain and misery to people around you? Feels like someone is poking my ears with a needle or trying to skin me using a razor. Or maybe poking my eyes using a dirty stick. Why?Why?That is a crime against humanity on so many levels.

It pains me to even write about it. Why would one not be thoughtful about the people around them? I guess this answers the question as to why I prefer to eat alone most of the time. Because that sloping sound of the drink and the ugly loud chewing is so painful I cringe inside.


I love people not as much as I love my food,so,I will eat alone. And to avoid a long late night text like this one from another person,keep your food and mouth conversation inside the mouth,we dont want to hear about it. It could have been better if we didn’t know the food was there,but we will know if you are chewing and not from the sounds you making,dont get me started on people who talk with their mouth full.

.good looking food is appetising